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Chlorophyll is a mineral rich supplement which has been suggested to assist in tissue repair, purifies the blood, help the liver build red blood cells, natural internal deodorizer and tissue healer. While the properties of the green foods may vary, one constant element in all green foods is chlorophyll, the substance that makes green foods green. Mr. Seibold, Pines International, explained that from a molecular point of view, chlorophyll is identical to hemoglobin, the substance in human blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to the other tissues and organs in the body. The only difference between the two molecules is that hemoglobin has iron as the center atom while chlorophyll has magnesium at its center. “When one looks at the function of the two molecules, the function is very similar but reversed. Chlorophyll is often described as the ‘blood of plants’ and while chlorophyll-rich foods have consistently been linked with increasing the hemoglobin content of blood, it is not clear whether it is the chlorophyll itself or the many other blood-building nutrients associated with chlorophyll that is responsible for its blood building qualities.”

Mr. Terry of Green Foods Corporation also discussed chlorophyll’s function. “In addition to its well known deodorizing properties, chlorophyll has also been shown to act as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent,” he said. “In the last several years exciting new in vitro and clinical research studies have demonstrated that chlorophyll and its derivatives can kill a variety of cancer cells.”

According to Sun Chlorella USA, Torrance, CA, chlorella has the highest chlorophyll content of all the various types of green foods, referring to chlorophyll as “nature’s most powerful detoxifying agent” and the unique function of chlorophyll benefits human health by reducing the acid levels in the body when free radical formation and oxidative reactions increase.

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